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History of Balerno & Currie Rifle Club

The club was formed in 1945 from the 1st Battalion 3rd Company local Home Guard Company. The initial meeting (see extract) included Major Eddison, Captain Grieve, Mr Harper & Dr Sloan together with 15 members of the Home Guard. The instigating Committee consisted of:

Major Eddison, Chairman
Dr Sloan, Vice Chairman
A C Campbell, Secretary
G P Watson, Treasurer
J Harper
A Muir
the current President

On 10 April 1945 the name "Balerno & Currie Rifle Club" was adopted. The initial subscription was set at 2/6 (info) per member. A copy of the approval granted by the Society of Miniature Rifle Clubs is attached.

Until 1976 it occupied a nissen hut in Balerno. When the new bypass road was built round the older part of the village, the Council decreed the hut an eyesore and it was removed. Despite having only £300 and 35 members we had to find new premises. After a long period of indecision, an area of ground was identified and the Club negotiated, with Edinburgh District Council, the 25 year lease for 0.67 acres of land. The land was unsuitable for residential development because a 36" sewer runs directly across it and overhead power lines restrict the building height.

Sufficient capital was raised through grants, loans and fund raising activities to build the present premises in Curriehill Road which were opened in 1977. The cost was £21,000 of which £7,000 was raised by the members. Currently they have an insurance value of £100,000.

Once the debt on the original building was paid, the gunroom was built. At the same time the club room was extensively upgraded and central heating installed. This development was completed in 1981 at a cost of approximately £5000, again largely raised through fund raising and receipt of loans from club members.

The heating system is timer controlled and will come on half an hour before opening time and will switch off just before 10 pm. If necessary a manual override can be operated. In 1987 the lounge area was refurbished with purpose built seating, at a cost of £6000.

In 1997 the Club purchased the land, previously on a long term lease, from the local Council. This guaranteed our long term future and afforded the club long term security. In the same year the existing roof was replaced.

Interior work has continued since that time, with wallpapering, painting and improvement to the decor and facilities. Click here for the current photographs.

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