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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do in the Rifle Section?
We shoot 0.22 target rifles at target cards at distances of 25 yards (22.5m). 25 yard targets are made of card, a little larger than A4. There are 10 target (circular) diagrams, each one being 5cm in diameter. The bull's-eye is only 1.2cm across! The bullet holes are 0.4cm wide.

What matches do you compete in?
We are affiliated to the Lothian Small Bore Shooting Association and the Lothian and Peebleshire HomeGuard League. There are team competitions (both shoulder to shoulder and postal), individual competitions, championships. 

Postal competitions are shot at our range and posted to the organising bodies for scoring.

What type of rifles do you use?
The rifles are bolt-action small-bore 0.22 rimfire rifles designed exclusively for target shooting. They are simple to operate and will fire only a single shot at a time. The bullets are designed to produce an accurate mark on the target card. The club has a selection of rifles for use.  Air rifles and air pistols are available for thosing wishing to particiapte in these disciplines.

Is it loud? Do the rifles recoil a lot?
Both ranges are separated from the clubrooms so little noise reaches the clubrooms. On the range everyone uses ear protectors. These are required to be worn.

The rifle's recoil is not harsh, it is similar to someone giving you a gentle, but firm, tap on the shoulder. The recoil never produces bruising nor does it give you a sore shoulder.

Is it dangerous?
No. New members are given safety instruction and are never left unattended. After approximately 6 months of membership and having demonstrated a responsible attitude, new members are eligible for Full Membership. Statistically, many other sports are more dangerous, including swimming, running, football, rugby and tennis.

Do I need a Licence?
No. The Club licence covers all the rifles. You do not require your own licence.

Do I need any special equipment?
No. All the equipment is supplied. The rifle, shooting jacket, gloves, ear protectors, scope, ground mat, target cards are provided.

Do I need previous experience?
No. We have several members who are experienced in coaching beginners.

How often do you need to practice?
As often as possible. Beginners should try to shoot a minimum of 1 card a week in order to improve and learn.

Do you have women members?

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