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Unless you have a firearms certificate, no .22 ammunition can be taken from the club.

A .22 bullet is potentially dangerous at the range of 1 mile. It is vital that all members obey basic safety rules. These are:

  1. The breech of a rifle must be kept open at all times other than when the rifle is being fired;
  2. A rifle or air weapon must not be lifted from the firing point while anyone else is forward of the firing point;
  3. A rifle or air weapon must not be loaded until everyone else in the range is also ready to shoot;
  4. No one must move away from the firing point until all have finished shooting;
  5. All rifles and air weapons must be checked when a shooting detail finishes and before anyone moves in front of the firing point to ensure that the breech is open.
  6. Personal shooting equipment may not be stored within the premises. Any weapons found in breach of this rule will be locked away and the firing mechanism secured by the Committee until the owner contacts the Secretary.
  7. The internal glass door, allowing access to the Club, must be kept shut. It will lock automatically. Keys for this door can be purchased from the Treasurer.

Accidents in rifle ranges are virtually non-existent. This is because the strict safety regulations are rigidly enforced throughout the sport. Any member found acting in a careless or dangerous way will be subject to disciplinary action.  The best way to find out about the club and its activities is to ask.

We would like you to enjoy the club and encourage others to try the sport.
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