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Prospective Members

Information for prospective members.
Membership of the Club is open.  This is unlike the majority of Clubs in Lothian, which require you to be a former pupil or have a connection to the organisation. We have no such restrictions. The membership remains fairly constant at around 30. It may interest prospective lady members that we currently have 3 female shooters.

Firearms legislation prescribes two categories of membership; these are Probationer and Full.

Probationer members are permitted to handle live ammunition. This will be always under the direct supervision of a full (Senior) member of the Club.

Full membership is only available to those who have satisfactorily completed the statutory 6 month probationer period of membership.  Applicants from outwith the area who already possess a Firearms Certificate (FAC) will have completed a probationary period of membership in their home area and will be eligible to apply for full membership of the Club.

The Secretary would expect a letter of introduction from their previous Club.

Application, to the Police, for a FAC will only be considered from a full member who has completed the 6 month probationary period. Supplies of these different application forms are available in the Club.
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