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There are a number of rules which govern the shooting of a competition card. In most competitions, a sighting diagram at the side of the card is permitted and you can fire as many shots at that diagram as you like before shooting the card.

Some competitions however require the sighter diagram to be fixed to the centre of the card and only 5 sighter shots are permitted; this will be pointed out to you before you start shooting in these competitions.

After the card has been shot, you must not interfere with the shot holes in any way, you must sign the card and have it witnessed and dated (do not date the card yourself). It is surprising how many shot cards are left lying about or are put into the wrong box thus creating extra work for the Match Secretary.

All match cards will have a date written on the front top right hand corner; this is the date by which the card must be shot and it is usually permissible to fire the card at any time during the immediately proceeding two weeks and sometimes over a greater period of time. The Match Secretary will be pleased to advise you about this.

Finally under the heading of competitions, if you are in a team and are unable to shoot a card, please let the Match Secretary know as soon as possible so that a replacement can be arranged.
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